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If your wings quit working and break, float apon a cloud. If that doesn’t work, enjoy the way down every second of the way


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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be found. We just need to be looking in the correct spot


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“Music is the true essence of life. A life without it, would be a dull place indeed. I’m not sure it would be worth living in.” Malshaunt “Snow” Delinarian

Valuing yourself…

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To put value to your own life, you must first set a value to others. Somehow… I don’t see this as being rite. The people who chose to do so… always strike me as the ones who should be valued the least.

Malshaunt “snow” Delinarian


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“It was always a dream. Always a joke”
Malshaunt “Snow” Delinarian

Malshaunt Quote for Today

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“The universe is an entity in and of itself. We don’t realize how lucky we are to be here. We are an anomaly on an anomaly in an anomaly. It truly is amazing. I wouldn’t trade this scientific view for religious delusions any day. The truth is better than anything that man can imagine, especially the religious variety”

Malshaunt “Snow” Delinarian

A way of Looking

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“Poetry is simply a different way to look at the world. Most people see a tree, a side walk, a building, the sun. I see it as story unfolding before me, And if i just capture the wings of a dove inside my pen, To help others envision  what i see, even if it is a skewed view of how you see it… That is a very happy feeling.”  Malshaunt “Snow” Delinarian