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I once saw a dragon
Drawn on a canvas at a fair
I looked on in awe
At that beauty that’s rare
I watched the form take shape
To pencil in the scales
To shade it to perfection
From it’s mouth to it’s tail
When I saw the smiles he brought
To those who watched transfixed
I wondered what it was like
To have such gift
I watched the croud
Come and go
Watching intently
At the artist drawing with a flow
Of pencil strokes
Both careful and bold
What he did to these people
Was more precious than gold
The smiles he brought
To the countenance of the croud
Was like watching magic
And the artist was proud
I realized he did it
For neither glory or fame
I’m pretty sure he’ll die
Without anyone having known his name
He did it to watch
The people gaze in awe
To see their smiling faces
Is all the reason he saw
To keep at his trade
To continue his work
As he drew the final detail
A tongue with a fork
Many years have gone by
Since that day I saw
Him draw that dragon
With never a flaw
I always dreamed
Of making the same smiling faces
On countenances of all ages and races
I draw not to get
Many awards or fame
Just like that artist
I’ll die without a name
I don’t want them to hang
In a museum on the wall
I want the joy in faces
As they stare on in awe
I have come to realize
I can’t do that with ease
They show eyes apathetic
To the pictures they see
Sometimes I want to stop
To give up and just quit
Or just stop showing people
My ability not quite equipped
I might just become
An artist that excludes
His pictures and drawings
Away from public view
I’m getting somewhat discouraged
By the apathetic eyes
By the lack of a smile
I have come to realize
Maybe I was not meant
To bring smiles to faces
Maybe I’m just destined
To simply go through the paces
Of amusing myself
With rhythm and time
As I draw very carefully
Every single line
Try as I might
The result is the same
Destined to die
An artist with no name
Sitting here now
I will admit with no shame
I cry silently
All the reactions the same
I’ll keep to my craft
Not to bring smile
But to amuse myself
If only for awhile
Maybe someday
My pictures will live
And people will smile
At what I have to give
Either way
Even if kept to myself
Filling an endless
Dusty bookshelf
I’ll keep making pictures
Pencil moving with rhythm and time
Maybe someday
I’ll watch their smiles brightly shine



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I know what’s going through your head.
You think that this is poem.
But you are so very very off.
I guess I’ll just have to show ’em!
Why aren’t you tasting the meat!?
Why aren’t you feeling the crunch!?
I cant beleive I have to show you!
This isn’t a poem, it’s something for lunch!

It couldn’t be a duck cause it doesn’t seem to waddle
Couldn’t be a car cause it isn’t fast enough
Couldn’t be a bear cause he doesn’t have the honey
Couldn’t be a plain cause it doesn’t fly and stuff!
It couldn’t be windows vista cause it doesn’t seem to suck
Couldn’t be an elbow cause it doesn’t have a joint
Couldn’t be Christmas Tree cause it doesn’t have any presents
It couldn’t be a poem cause it doesn’t have a point!

This is not a poem, it’s a taco!
What would make you think otherwise? !?!?
This is not a poem, it’s a taco!!
It’s really just a burrito in disguise!


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Light flows over
With liquid grace
Slipping frictionless
Across the flawless face
Tangible but ethereal
Across it’s flawless surface
Without ever stopping
In summers furnace
Like quicksilver it sparkles
Untouchable to all
It slips and skates
And leaves me in awe
Smooth as silk
Soothing as rain
Forever changing
Never to be the same
Watching the windows
On the cars as they pass
Puts me at ease
A sense of peace at last
The light that flows
With a shadows grace
Brings a smile
To my stoic face
Watching car windows
Leaves me serene
At peace for now
Brought on by daylights sheen
As I exit the bus
I wait patiently till
The next I will see
The windows liquid
With lights silent trill


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When you make
A series of life changes
Things that shift your perception
Be they having long or short ranges
You come to view the world
Through eyes that may not agree
With the changes that come
Changes you’d rather not see
From robotic to flamboyant
From showing nothing to showing everything
And the unhappiness it brings
To know one small change
Changes your entire being
Aggravating and infuriating
I rage at the change
One short life decision
Could have a long noticeable range
I took pride in being
Emotionless and closed
Now I cannot
A book open to behold
Seeing these changes
And knowing I should not mind
Has put me in a conundrum
The feeling for me, one of a kind
I see it in everyday things
In what I say and do
Looking on it with cold aspie logic
It makes for one hell of a view
Unable to change
The changes geing made
Isn’t what bothers me
Though why I could not say
No, the reason why it bothers me so
Is because I had no choice
I didn’t consciously change my habits
Did not willingly give them voice
For others this may not be
Something askew or astray
But for an aspie, an apiffaney
Has visited me these days
I thought throughout my life
In my own nieve kind of way
That changes such as this
We all had a say
But now I know
Not all is what I see
Sometimes changes
Are like a seedling turned tree
I have come to accept
The things I cannot change
Now give me the courage
To view these things of long range
For wisdom comes with time
And I can tell the difference, yes it’s true
Sometimes different is not bad
Sometimes it is simply…askew
It comes with serenity
And I nod with a small sigh
To myself and to others
I no longer shall lie


<NaPoWriMo poem for April 1, 2013>


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The rain came down
Cold as ice
Upon the city
Filled with lights
Empty streets
No one home
A city of ghosts
A shadow of dust and bone
Daxx walks the road
On which cars stand still
Rusting away
And up his spine ran chills
How after all these years
This is where he’d be
Searching for a lost love
Locked away for centuries
The lives they lived
The lives they took
Apon a long and weary path
It saddened him when he dared to look
Upon the memories
Of what they did
The lives they ended
All silently slid
Behind his eyes
Weary and sad
They never wanted it this way
To turn out bad
He sighed a mournful tone
And started walking once more
Twards a future that was certain
The final chapter of a bloody war
Not one fought between armies
Not one the galaxy will know
Their lives will not be remembered
And he was damned glad it was so
For the things he’d done
Fighting alongside the man he loves
Were not what they wanted
Where life had pushed and shoved
He remembered back then
When they thought they were free
From the grasp of war
Of the gang leaders fucked up tyranny
He rememberd with tears
How happy Malshaunt had been
For it to finally be over
Not knowing it had yet to begin
They sold their souls
Resigned to their task
Figuring it wouldn’t take too long
And they would be happy at last
Daxx smiled a smile
Full of a thousand tears
How long ago had that been?
How many long lost years?
He realized he didn’t remember
How long they’d been condemned
To a fight they unintentionally started
To an all but definife end
His hopes of happiness
Of a life of joy
With the man he loves
Met as only a boy
Were long ago cast aside
As a mere pipe dream
Never to happen
Not ever it seemed
He wanders the streets
Glass broken like sunken eyes
Gaping from buildings
Speaking of their final loud cries
His worn out cloths
Threadbare and thin
Hung around him like a dark shroud
Plastered to his too pale skin
For the clouds above
Hadn’t cleared in years
They’re iron grey color
Shedding countless tears
Daxx smiled and he knew
Malshaunt would love the rain
Which then made him cry silently
As he pictured his pain
Locked in a cage
Where he had been detained
For centuries on end
His life extended by their pact
Until but a shell remained
They all were shells
Of who they once were
Morality forgotten
Long lost on a path
Both dark and perverse
They weren’t killers
Back before this began
Now the blood of millions
Stained their weary hands
When this was over
And he knew it was fast coming to an end
The darkness of death
Was their final godsend
They had wanted to live
Forever together always
Now they looked forward
To the end of their days
For they hated and raged
With world weary eyes
Thinking of both daemon and angels
Both whom they despise

Malshaunt looked up
In a cell miles away
His eyes long gone blind
The implants rusted away
He was once filled with rage
At what he saw was an abhorrent injustice
Now he simply thought
It is what it is
He knew that his lover
Was coming at last
To open the door
Locked shut centuries past
He knew he should be happy
To dance in the rain
But he was simply resigned
His face filled with sorrow and pain
His love of his life
Whom was with him when it all began
Was coming closer
And he stretched out his hand
He could not see
The walls of concrete and stone
But he knew they were as before
Sitting in silence and alone
He remembered with amusement
How it had all began
How he had first died
And the pact he had signed
The him that did not understand
He wanted to live forever
So the pact he had signed
He now shook his head
Disgusted and resigned
Yet he knew if he could change
The choices he’d made
He’d do it all again
Living on the edge of a razor blade
For he knew in his mind
Knew with a heavy heart
Daxx he would not know
Had this fucked up journey didn’t start
That alone to him
Was worth the anguish and pain
He knew he should feel bad
But was not at all ashamed
Of the things he’d done
Murdered and shook with rage unrestrained
His humanity forgotten
Along the long forgotten way
He was saddened and weary
Filled with anguish and pain
To know he wasn’t sorry
In any shape or way
He did what he did
To live his endless days
Without remorse
Untill he was locked away
His friends all dead
Daxx his final companion
They’re memories thrown
Into the vast dark canyon
That he now saw as
His mind as it is now
He smiled with a sigh
Soon it would be over
And their memories could sleep safe and sound

And so the lovers waited
To be reunited once again
So that their long and weary journey
Would come to an end
I stop here now
For their past is not known
They’re story will soon be written
And finally set in stone
I leave you now
Readers yound and old
To see for yourself
What their story shall hold.

copyright © Adam Wells 2013


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Time in this place
Slows down to a crawl
It dulls your senses
Till you feel nothing at all
Aaron sat still
Surrounded why white washed walls
Looking expressionless
At nothing at all
He was bored to tears
Had been here since the Fall
In the mental asylum
His soul felt raw
He didn’t need to be here
Autism was not a draw
That the people who ran the place
They took people like Greg McGraw
One of the ten
People he saw
Led into his room
Making Aaron guffaw
He thought with derision
At the man calling himself Mcgraw
A failure of a man
Was all that he saw
His mind was melted
Till he was hardly there at all
The worst of the ten
He made Aarons nerve rub raw
The man sickened him
The fucker really did appal
Blabbering like a retard
Making no sense at all
What the fuck was he doing here
Behind these god damn walls?
He never left this fucking room
Never wandered the halls
It was pissing him off
No small feat at all
But jesus fucking christ
He hated m Mcgraw
Then there was the doctor
If he was qualified to be called
Aaron thought with derision
He doubted that with what he saw
The white coat was dirty
H8s face had that raw
Tinge of madness
That grew familiar with them all
He lay down his head
Asleep he shall fall
Hoping in his heart of hearts
To never again see Mcgraw
He drifted away
The blessed blackness of sleep he saw
Laying his head down
In the room with whitewashed walls.


copyright © Adam Wells 2013


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I have a poem i’d like to share with you all today. It’s both melodic and sad, haunting and chilling. It’s one of my favorites and… No, i don’t want to do that one. How about this. I will do… no… I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. I’ve never had to choose something like this before. It’s fucking frustrating. I know! I’ll read this one. This poem is called Indecision.