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Try to
Sit here and
Reflect as I do
Reminiscing on
Memories of old
Thinking of things
The future may hold
Of all that may happen
Be they a loss, or a gain
If this moment right here
Will pass from memory like
A passing dream or a lost train
Ride into a city you know and love
Dancing to the sound of a h haunting harp
On the wings of a dove as they fly up above
All the while listening to sleep and soft slumber
As memories overtake you, like the deep shake of far off thunder.



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I know what’s going through your head.
You think that this is poem.
But you are so very very off.
I guess I’ll just have to show ’em!
Why aren’t you tasting the meat!?
Why aren’t you feeling the crunch!?
I cant beleive I have to show you!
This isn’t a poem, it’s something for lunch!

It couldn’t be a duck cause it doesn’t seem to waddle
Couldn’t be a car cause it isn’t fast enough
Couldn’t be a bear cause he doesn’t have the honey
Couldn’t be a plain cause it doesn’t fly and stuff!
It couldn’t be windows vista cause it doesn’t seem to suck
Couldn’t be an elbow cause it doesn’t have a joint
Couldn’t be Christmas Tree cause it doesn’t have any presents
It couldn’t be a poem cause it doesn’t have a point!

This is not a poem, it’s a taco!
What would make you think otherwise? !?!?
This is not a poem, it’s a taco!!
It’s really just a burrito in disguise!