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Posted in Poems with tags , on November 17, 2014 by malshauntdelinarian

A hollow win
A tired night
A long conversation
A unnecessary fight
A line once drawn
Then rearranged
Then drawn again
The result the same
Beaten down
Once again
Limping slowly
A thought detained
Then suddenly
Allowed to win
Fearful silence
Quiet shame
A horse that won
Albeit lame
Pick your fights
Rabid or tame

When you spend your life picking only winners
And then you get turned down
You feel slightly disoriented
You feel spun around
I’ve gone through my life
Picking only fights I knew I’d win
I’ve always been slightly a sore loser
Something I’ve known true time and again
So I pick my rhymes and pick my words
In such a way not absurd
So I know I’ll win
Tried a true
When I lose a fight I feel slightly… askew
And when I’ve lost
And then I win
I feel taken aback
My mind starts to spin
I look for a reason
I start to get scared
Why this person
Backed down the stairs
A win that’s hollow
Isn’t a win at all
It’s forlorn and shallow
One where I cannot stand tall
In the end all I’ve really learned is that winning… really isn’t worth it. And it makes me want to fight for what I want even less. Not more.