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Posted in Poems with tags , , , on April 14, 2013 by malshauntdelinarian

Growing up
Is both joyful and sad
You rejoice in what you have
And quietly morn what you once had
Finding love
Sit with an ipod next
To someone you love
Leaves you joyful and perplexed
Your heart fluttering like the wings of a dove
You think back
To times gone by
To a time you rejected your feelings
Rejected any notion you would have relied
On one person
It’s a foreign notion
To know without a doubt
To know he feels the same in and out
To be alone
To come back to
A cold and empty home
Where no light in your life has ever shown
You are filled
With joy harbored deep
As you watch him lying and stilled
and yet, somewhere inside, you quietly weep
Because you know
Deep inside your heart
That time has come and passed
Like the quiet fading notes on a long forgotten harp
That you
Without willingness or try
That time slipped slowly away
Forever gone, forever passing you by
And so
As this poem I write
I look on a boy I’m beginning to love
And smile with a slightly sorrow tinged sigh
Because I’m happy
Watching him sleep and lay
And reminisce on all the time
That has slowly, inevitably faded away